Our story began in Sydney Australia in 2015 with visions to create the best ebike riding experience. Today we are privileged to be in Greater Philadelphia Area building fleet management solutions for our customers.

Skillion is named after a headland (promontory) near a beach where I used to surf. My friends and I would frequent the rock shelves there and invented a new sport – surfing under rock ledges. The name Skillion to us means valuing friendships, doing something new and creative and taking a few risks from time to time. A Skillion is a type of shelter, roof or lean-to. It is a metaphor for an easily erectable shelter or home, also shaped like a wave like catching the wave of technology and innovation.

Our mission is to inspire fleet assets and sharing – one person, one leader, one fleet at a time.

We’ve invested in camera-centric imaging technology, object detection and Edge computing to make our fleet management superior. We aim to solve the problems of security, safety, liability, compliance and oversight for the rider and the ride.

Our product is an App and an IoT device, ready to fit to our customer’s fleets, easy.

Our vision is that the future of mobile fleet asset management will be democratized, easy and everywhere. Skillion will be the #1 mobile fleet asset management platform for companies. We will set new standards in performance, enabling entrepreneurs to setup a monetized fleet of assets – quickly and easily. Simply download the APP, purchase the IoT hardware and attach it to the fleet assets to be managed. A few such asset classes include bikes, scooters, construction tools, hired equipment, EV’s and UAV’s to name a few.