Skillion SRS

What is the Skillion SRS?

Did you know there are 1.5m bicycles stolen every year in the USA? And that this is only one of 2 crimes on the rise, the other being Online fraud.

Now Online fraud, you could understand as online commerce is rising so fast and customers and business are learning and can be vulnerable.

But, why bicycles? Well in turns out that there are more a more bicycles in being sold every year, and more and more cycleways and people using bikes for recreation and transport. Also, most bicycles are considered low value and therefore do not carry the charge of felony in many states in the USA. That means theft carries little penalty.

Finally, there are few security systems that actually prevent theft. Even heavy chains and locks can be broken from a determined attack.

The Skillion SRS stands for Skillion Ride System and is solution to this problem.