Skillion Ride System

Skillion Ride System (SRS) combines cloud based and ebike technology, for security, rental, ride share, fleet management and social e-biking!

—- GPS tracking, GSM cellular remote access and Camera installed —-

Theft of bikes and ebikes is one of only two forms of theft that is increasing. In the USA 1.5m bikes are stolen every year and only 2% recovered, compared to cars that have a 70% recovery this means your ride is like gone for good.

We don’t want that to happen to your priced ebike so we developed a security module for your ebike that’s integrated right into the frame of a suitable ebike.

Consider this, you’re out on your Skillion, you pull up outside the cafe (or Pub) and leave your Skillion out of sight. Arm the system via your mobile app and you have peace of mind.

The SRS constantly monitors your ebike using the cellular system and any attempt will notify you on the phone App.

If you’re ebike is disturbed, you get a notification right on your phone and an option to activate the camera and see who or what is happening, trigger the alarm and track the ebike if it moves via the in-build GPS system and call the cops!

Skillion SRS, in action

Skillion SRS, foils ebike theft at cafe

HD Version on Youtube here:

Skillion SRS, finds your bike

HD Version on Youtube here:

Bike Stolen?

Arm the Alarm

Now you’ll be notified by SMS when the bike is disturbed, “Your bike has been disturbed”

You can see what’s happening around your bike by activating the camera.

What now?

Track your bike if it moves, disable the motor and sound the siren.